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Scientific research in sketches #2

Another 5 sketches with take-home messages from some fascinating scientific papers!

One pound of lead feels heavier than one pound of feathers (if in boxes of the same size) because psychology!
Details: A foolproof way to win a bet (feathers and lead)

If you're a woman with a natural menstrual cycle, your voice will become much more attractive when you're at a higher risk of conception! (And higher in pitch!)
Details: Women sound better when ovulating

Scientists taught pigeons to tell the difference between the art styles of Monet and Picasso! I guess it's not that hard to be an art critic.
Details: Even pigeons can differentiate between art movements

Chickens that were trained to respond to average opposite-sex human faces liked the versions with exaggerated features. Humans did, too! So... is beauty universal?
Details: Would a chicken think you're pretty?

Regular exercise (much more than reducing the time you spend sitting every day) works great against symptoms of depression up to 3 years in advance! As you get older, you get less depressed, but exercise just nails it for you.
Details: Exercising is investing into your mental health. No, really.

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