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Questionable scientific research translated into palatable summaries and graphical abstracts. Only the most amusing and ridiculous topics that you can totally apply to your daily life.

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Scientific research in sketches #1

(Some of these make me cringe, but there's only one way to get better at this. 🙂)

What matters more when you're enjoying a music performance — sight or sound? Sight, by a large margin!
Hearing professionals perform doesn't help you guess who won the competition, but when you see them (without sound!), you can guess! Tricky, tricky.

Small (male) dogs lift their legs way up high when they pee, so nobody can tell their size just from the markings! Deceptive PR going strong.
Also I can't draw - but I have to start somewhere. 🌻

Higher aerobic fitness in kids shown to make them less likely to get hit by a car (in VR ). It's about the ability to #multitask more successfully, even when talking on the phone!

Basics of the complexity theory applied to songs by Donald E. Knuth — what do you sing when you just can't remember the words?

A classic work on the self-treatment of writers' block. The paper got published without revisions. 💗

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