I am an experienced writer, moderator, and public speaker, with expertise in mentorship, event hosting, and organization — I've joined a plethora of science communication projects over the years, but here I list some of my favorites.
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Soapbox Science 2020
Soapbox Science Munich will return for the third time this year! However, given the current COVID-19 situation, we are trying something new. We realize now more than ever the importance of sc…
Quantum Policy Control Theory (science slam talk)
I held a science slam talk about how public policies are created and how important it is for quantum experts to speak up and have their voices heard.
Podcast: Rock-solid Certainty? - Munich Center for Technology in Society
Rock-solid Certainty? When astronomers around the globe discovered an unusual object passing through our Solar System in late 2017, the race was on to work out what it was and where it came from. The first interstellar visitor we had ever spotted — ’Oumuamua — was already moving away from the Sun,…
Slides from the Quantum Technologies Meetup 2019/04/04
I held a talk at the Quantum Technologies Meetup hosted by IBM in Munich on 2019/04/04. Behold, the slides!
ESOblog: 2018 ESO Media Highlights ESO’s discoveries and images in 2018 science roundups from across the world
2018 ESO Media Highlights