Aside from scientific research in quantum physics, I've completed projects in other fields of science and technology, including policy analysis, public relations, mentorship, and a plethora of unusual fields. I've also dipped into audio and video production, and I sometimes volunteer my skills for causes I believe in. Here is a selection of some of my favorite (publicly available) completed projects.
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CQT - Meet David Wilkowski, putting a new spin on cold strontium atoms
David leads a group doing cold atoms research at the Nanyang Technological University and was recently appointed a CQT Principal Investigator
Hubblecast 114: How does Hubble orientate itself in space?
This new Hubblecast episode takes a detailed look into the refined Pointing Control System that allows Hubble to keep its gaze into the Universe firm and steady.
Podcast episode: Rock-solid Certainty?
As the final crescendo of the Telling Responsible Stories course at the Munich Center for Technology in Society, my team and I released a podcast episode on how researchers, policy makers, philosophers, and the media deal with scientific uncertainty.
Starting your PhD? Watch this before you begin!
Beginning a PhD is a big step for a student in academia. However, there are several difficulties that come in the first year of PhD. What they are and how to...
A gapped SU(3) spin liquid with Z_3 topological order
We construct a topological spin liquid (TSL) model on the kagome lattice,with SU(3) symmetry with the fundamental representation at each lattice site,based on Projected Entangled Pair States (PEPS). Using the PEPS framework, wecan adiabatically connect the model to a fixed point model (analogous …
Stochastic Integral Representation for the Dynamics of Disordered Systems
The dynamics of interacting quantum systems in the presence of disorder isstudied and an exact representation for disorder-averaged quantities via Itostochastic calculus is obtained. The stochastic integral representation affordsmany advantages, including amenability to analytic approximation, ap…
Perturbative Stability of Topologically Ordered Systems with Local Defects
Quantum spin systems have been providing modern physics with ever new challenges to tackle in the past several decades; from the theoretical postulation of topological quantum order, a new chapter was revealed in the understanding of phase transitions in quantum systems. The novel properties of topo…