Things I'm working on now, in the descending order of how much time I spend on them:

  • PhD in quantum information at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics— due to finish in 2021/22.
  • Freelance work as a science and technology communicator and consultant.
  • Steadily increasing German skills.
  • Part-time MSc in politics & technology at the Bavarian School of Public Policy.
  • Coleading the Science Policy — Communication & Advocacy subgroup at EuroScience — a non-profit grassroots association of researchers in Europe.
  • Taking care of pets and plants.
    Deimos, my asthmatic and entirely too energetic cat
    — beautiful beetles
    carnivorous plants, which I constantly recommend to everyone
  • Geocaching — see above. 😉

Things I've consciously put on hiatus:

  • Presenting planetarium shows at the ESO Supernova — taking a break due to the pandemic.
  • Running Munich Shut Up & Write! meetups — writing sessions and peer support/pressure for any type of writing you can imagine.

Some old stuff:

  • Full-time job as a senior consultant at SpaceTec Partners.
    — communications consulting and project management in the public sector
    — focus on space technologies and cutting-edge intergovernmental projects
    — resigned in October 2021
  • Technical writing and Tool & Library Qualification podcast at Validas AG — a deep dive into safety standards for software development.
    — moderating and producing podcast episodes on a part-time basis
    — advising on public relations strategies for the English-speaking market