Things I'm working on now, in the descending order of how much time I spend on them:

  • PhD in quantum information at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics — due to finish this year.
  • Technical writing and Tool & Library Qualification podcast at Validas AG — a deep dive into safety standards for software development.
  • Creating my first geocache — more cool details soon.
  • Training my spoiled cat to do tricks — he's actually adorable and I spam my Instagram like a proud parent.
  • Taking care of my beautiful beetles — the moist soil in their terrarium makes the room smell like the forest floor.

Things I've consciously put on hiatus:

  • Presenting planetarium shows at the ESO Supernova — we're taking a break until February. Expect cool new things when we're back! ☺
  • Running Munich Shut Up & Write! meetups — writing sessions and peer support/pressure for any type of writing you can imagine.

Past projects I'm extra proud of:

  • Outreach specialist position at the Center for Quantum Technologies in Singapore — one of my favorite places on Earth. (Aug–Nov 2019; will add more info soon)
  • Winning the bid and then running the Executive Committee that organized the International Conference of Physics Students 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia — a 400-student-strong yearly conference of the International Association of Physics Students.